The General 2009 – Launching an offensive on tradition

Bordeaux-blend without Cabernet Sauvignon! Generous, full bodied red wine with “wild” dimension only possible from combining Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc & Malbec.

W.O Western Cape

[All the “mooi meisies” come from Stellenbosch & some few “mooi” wines as well]

Back label:

Early in the Boer War this inscription was scrawled on a Boer farmhouse wall: “We are bound to win this war, Kruger has 90,000 burgers, that means 90,000 Generals, and the English have 200,000 soldiers but only one real General, General French.”

General John Denton Pinkstone French, later Field Marshal and the first Earl of Ypres, led the cavalry charge that relieved Kimberley, where Cecil John Rhodes and Lord Baden Powell were incarcerated. He was also involved in many other epic battles with the Boers.

Over the years bitter memories fade. Now 110 years later, two direct descendants of President Kruger and General French have combined forces. The motto of Boer & Brit winemakers Alexander Milner and Stefan Gerber is living proof: “The war is over… let’s party!”