Bob’s Your Uncle

Just like that… the Boer & Brit’s Uncle Bob will shift the preconceived notion of what is an affordable, convenient, drinkable wine!

It’s really good, it’s in glass. 500mℓ or 4 standard servings of wine in a brown dumpy bottle, closed under crown-cap! No cork-taint, no cork-screws, no spills, no mess, no fuss. It’s so convenient you can open it with your teeth*. The glass is fully recyclable, so save the Aardvark, Panda, Polar Bear and the sea Otters while enjoying a decent glass of wine!

Bob’s Your Uncle “The Red Wine Brew”

Innovative, convenient, unbelievable and blooming lekker! Ripe red berry fruits, spice and a savoury finish, awaits one sips away on Bob. Wine unfettered, unpretentious, convenient and lekker, and just like that… Bob’s your Uncle!

Bob’s Your Uncle “The White Wine Brew”

A secret multi-varietal blend of Noble white wine cultivars - or to cut it short, it’s a combination of all the “lekker” grapes that go really well together! – deftly blended by the Boer & Brit to create a superior and unpretentious white wine bursting with a melange of fresh apricot, tropical fruits, citrus, pears and a hint of minerality.