CL Back and Company was founded by Charles Back, in 2006 and is based in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Back looked to set up a company that was built around a core of innovative and distinctive brands, backed up by faultless service and dedicated staff. He wanted to focus on the on-trade and specialist retailer, with a limited exposure in selected retailers.

As service was to be a fundamental aspect of the CL Back & Co business model, Back set up a delivery agreement with a leading on-trade supply company, which offers seven day a week delivery in all major Western Cape centres. He then set about recruiting someone to run the representation aspect of the business, bringing Sonja Marais into the company. Her experience in the trade as well as her knowledge of wine and the South African wine industry put her in a position to add value to this emerging company. And so CL Back & Co came to be.

Before taking on any other brands, CL Back & Co looked to establish its operations and iron out any potential kinks. To achieve this, Charles Back utilised his own three brands, moving all distribution in the Western Cape across to the newly founded CL Back & Co. After running this set-up for six months, CL Back & Co was ready to take on other brands that would add to the portfolio and fit into the ethos of the company. Slowly the company’s portfolio grew and with it, new representatives were recruited after significant training on the wines of the various brands.

The CL Back and Company portfolio is built around a core of high quality wine brands, with products crafted by winemakers who truly understand the terroir of their individual sites. The select portfolio has been carefully put together so as to offer the discerning restaurateur or retailer a selection of wines which complement each other and add value to the establishments where they are found. As the representatives’ experience and network has grown, CL Back and Company has slowly expanded and now services the Western Cape Province of South Africa, as well as Namibia.

Western Cape: The Food Store
Tel: +27 21 552 1934